As a part of our social engagement Tianma carry on with the tradition of donating to local organizations.

The donations are based on the animals of the Chinese zodiac. The Chinese zodiac is a scheme of twelve animals and five elements which are combined and assigned to each year. Our current year 2018 is the year of the earth dog.

True to this theme our employees had a chance to vote which organizations will receive the donation of 1.000,00 €. The two winners have been:

  • “Tier- und Naturschutzverein Hilden e.V.“
  • “Hundeseniorenheim Rheinperle” in Dormagen

who received 500,00 € each.

During our visit there on July 5 we had the chance to thank the staff personally and to show our appreciation for the great, selfless work they’re doing. It cannot be acknowledged enough.

The animals need to be taken care of for different reasons: Some are found on the streets, some are brought to the veterinary office. Sometimes the owners died and the dogs were left without a place to be. Duration of the stay and number of new admissions varies heavily, so donations and help are essential to keep operations running smoothly.

Food supply, training and visits to the vet are costly, Mrs. Petra Brück from the “Hundeseniorenheim Rheinperle” said. „Some animals even stay forever“, Mr. Thomas Mielke, director of the animal shelter Hilden, told us. But seeing how much love, care and patience is put into the daily work was really warming the hearts from everyone.

Hopefully we can encourage more people and companies to support social causes in a fast-paced society.

If you want to support those two great organizations, head to their websites or visit them to experience their kindness first hand. We can only recommend it.

We also would like to thank our employees for all their great inspiration and are happy to continue our tradition in the coming years.