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Tianma is a leader in customization of displays.

Main reasons for customization are to get the perfect fit for a certain application, to get a special design or to reduce cost.

Tianma can produce free form displays with customized shapes like circles, arcs and polygons. Curvature and opening can be customized.

Such special shapes are popular especially for smart home and IOT applications as well as for wearable displays. Please ask us for more details.

The perfect TFT-LCD fit:
The basic structure from a TFT-LCD module is:  TFT-LCD panel – backlight – electrical interface – mechanical housing.

For TFT-LCDs it’s more economical to stay with one of the standard display sizes (“glass sizes”) and resolutions available. Choosing the highest resolution for small displays is not necessarily the best choice as it may impact to the readability at larger distance.

Backlight and LCD surface
The LED backlight can be selected according the required brightness. Another criteria can be a certain LED lifetime or to meet a certain cost target. LED lifetimes can be chosen from 20k hours to 100k hours.

To enable sunlight readability except a high brightness backlight an anti-reflection coated surface is recommended.

Electrical interface
Special connectors or push buttons can be applied.

Mechanical design
Bezel, custom metal frames or additional buttons can be created to fit function, form/mounting condition and design requirements.

Each display can be designed with and without touch recognition. The most common way to include touch recognition is PCAP (projected capacitive touch). Optical bonding of the PCAP sensor to the LCD surface results in higher brightness (less internal reflections), better contrast and higher mechanical stability.

Tianma can also apply its’ TED (Touch Embedded Display) technology to integrate the touch function into the LCD panel (in-cell touch).