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Tianma has started with passive displays back in 1983 and has become a leader in this area.

There are many types of LCD technology Tianma can offer:

  • TN
  • STN (Super Twisted Nematic)
    • CSTN (Colour STN)
    • ESTN (Enhanced STN)
    • FSTN (Film STN)
    • NFSTN (Negative Film STN)
    • ASTN (Advanced STN)
  • EBN (Enhanced Black Nematic)

EBN type passive LCDs offer high contrast (typ. 1000:1) and high switching speed (typ 80 ms).

Almost all passive displays are customized:

  • The design can be based on pixels or on segments
  • Complex custom icons in high resolution can be integrated
  • Coloured areas can be included
  • Touch functionality can be added