New 6.5″ VGA displays for outdoor applications


Are you searching for a 6.5” display with VGA resolution for outdoor applications? Check our new models from P-series.

6.5 VGA with   :    1200 cd/m², front mounting       P0650VGF1MA00

                                      800 cd/m², side mounting       P0650VGF1MA10

The two new 6.5” VGA (640 x 480) standard displays from the recently introduced P-series are dedicated to outdoor applications. They are available with luminance of 800 cd/m² (P0650VGF1MA10) and 1200 cd/m² (P0650VGF1MA00).

Due to SFT-technology (normally black) they offer a wide viewing angle of 88° from any direction. The colour gamut covers typically 70% of NTSC colour space. Both displays have LVDS interface. The operating temperature range is between -30°C … +80°C.


Common features:

·        Size 6.5”

·        VGA (640 x 480) resolution

·        SFT-technology (normally black) for wide viewing angle (88°/88°/88°/88°)

·        Colour gamut: 70% (typ.)

·        Surface: AG (Anti Glare)

·        LVDS interface

·        Operating temperature range -30°C … +80°C

 Main differences:


Luminance in cd/m²

Backlight lifetime

in kh

Backlight driver


Mounting style



100 kh

LVDS 6/8 bits

front mounting



  70 kh


LVDS 6 bits

side mounting



Samples      : April


Datasheet  : Available


MP               : Q3/2022