Two new 13.3” FHD displays for out- and indoor applications


Do you already know our two new 13.3” displays with FHD resolution?

New high brightness display, 13.3" FHD, for outdoor applications: P1330FHF1MA00
The two new models from P-series belong to Advanced class and to Entry class. The high brightness version from Advanced class model allows it to be used under bright sunshine conditions. Its backlight lifetime is 50kh. The Entry class model offers standard luminance and a typical backlight lifetime of 30kh for more cost driven applications. The operating temperature range from both displays is -20°C to +70°C.
Common features:
·        Size                                     : 13.3”
·       Resolution                         : FHD (1920 x 1080)
·        Contrast ration                : 1000:1
·        Colour gamut                   : 72% of NTSC colour space
·        Operating temperature : -20°C … +70°C

·        Technology                       : SFT (normally black)


Major differences:

·        Luminance                        : 1000 cd/m² versus 350 cd/m²

·        Backlight lifetime            : 50 kh respectively 30 kh

·        Backlight driver               : w/o backlight driver versus integrated backlight driver

·        Interface                            : LVDS versus eDP



Luminance in cd/m²
Surface treatment
Backlight lifetime
in kh
Backlight driver
P1330FH F1MA00
  50 kh
P1330FH F1ME10
  30 kh
eDP 1.2
Samples available now. Mass production is planned Q3/Q4 2022.