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We are offering industrial displays with resistive and with capacitive touch (PCAP = Projected CAPactive).

The basic structure from a PCAP touch display is:
TFT-LCD – Touch sensor glass – Cover glass

The touch sensor/cover glass combination can be directly bonded by an optically clear resin to the LCD surface. This provides low reflection, high contrast, and excellent mechanical stability. It can also be separated by a small air gap from the LCD surface. This results is a more economic solution while still keeping very good image quality.

Touch displays are often customized. The most frequently asked customization is an individual cover glass design.

Almost all of our capacitive touch displays are capable to detect multiple touch points, allowing control by gestures.

The new generation of touch displays can be operated under wet surface or when wearing gloves.

Products with touch

  • Panel Size (inch)
  • Resolution
  • Luminance (cd/m²)
  • Operating Temperature (°C)
    • Part number


      [['In Development']] MP [['Size (inch)']] 10.4" [['Resolution']] 1024 x 768 XGA [['Technology']] TN [['Viewing Angle (°)']] 80, 80, 80, 80 [['Luminance (cd/m²)']] 350 [['Contrast Ratio']] 900:1 [['Colour Gamut']] 40% [['Surface']] AG+AFP [['Resp. Time (ms)']] 18 [['Interface']] LVDS [['Backlight Lifetime (khrs)']] 70 [['Backlight Driver']] 104PW02F [['Operating Temp. (°C)']] -30~80 [['Stor. Temp. (°C)']] -30~80 [['Width (mm)']] 228 [['Height (mm)']] 178.5 [['Thickness (mm)']] 10.3 [['Weight (g)']] 500