Highlights from Tianma at electronica 2022

Electronica 2022 took place in Munich from November 15 to 18. Tianma had a booth at hall B5.

Tianma booth at electronica 2022


Micro-LED displays are next-generation displays with promising future prospects. Compared with the current mainstream display technology, Micro-LED displays have advantages in terms of higher brightness, high resolution, high contrast, high reliability, low power consumption, long lifetime, high transparency, etc.

Tianma has shown leading edge technologies such as spliced, transparent and flexible Micro-LED-displays.



Tianma has developed the world’s first micro LED display with more than 70% transparency, 960 x 480 resolution and 222 µm pixel pitch using a TFT LTPS backplane. The display – a technology study –  can be used in car windows and head-up displays to show speed, time, road conditions and other important information for drivers and passengers.


Flexible micro-LED displays based on a PI (polyimide) substrate can be bent both inwards and outwards. Tianma has developed the world’s first incurved micro LED display with a bending radius of 5 mm. The exhibited flexible 7.56-inch micro-LED display with outward curve has a resolution of 720 x 480, up to 114 PPI, with brilliant and vivid colors. The display performance is comparable to OLED.

Splicing of displays

As the LED chips can be put on the driver substrate up to the border line, different displays can be spliced together like tiles. They can form a larger display area while the connection between them is (almost) invisible. Display areas from small to very large can be made, providing great potential for numerous applications.

9.38" Transparent Micro-LED Display
7.56" Flexible Micro-LED display
5.04" seamless spliced Micro-LED display

Mini LED

Tianma demonstrated a new breakthrough in the development of borderless mini LED displays. The P0.47 mini LED display solution has a thickness of less than 0.5mm. Any number of display tiles can be spliced and thus any display sizes and configuration can be implemented. The current mini-LED has advantages in terms of brightness, reliability and lifetime. The contrast ratio of this display is up to 1,000,000:1. Is shows every detail of the picture perfectly.

12.8" P0.47 Mini-LED Display

Mini LED display technology has been widely used and has started to be applied to large-screen HD displays, such as IT-related monitors, high-end cinema, medical diagnostics, advertising displays, VR/AR and many other end-application markets.

Latest AM-OLED developments

In the internet age and more recently with the global pandemic, the size of the display market has also been growing. At the same time the technical requirements have been evolving rapidly. To meet consumer demand for low power consumption solutions, Tianma has developed a new generation of intelligent panel technology, the “HTD (Hybrid TFT Display)” technology. It can dynamically adjust the screen refresh rate according to the required task.

It uses 6 different dynamic refresh modes from 1 Hz to 120 Hz. While switching between different frequency modes, the screen always shows a great display performance without flickering. The technology meets consumer demands for high refresh rate and low power consumption. Driving it at 1 Hz reduces the power consumption by more than 40% compared to 120 Hz mode.

Both displays show same content and picture quality at refresh rates of 120 Hz and 1 Hz, leading to different power consumption

Another way to reduce power consumption is to apply MLP (Micro Lens Panel) technology on top of the display.

Except technologies to reduce power consumption Tianma has shown an AM-OLED display that is foldable and another one that can be rolled up. 

Smart Cockpit

With the development of artificial intelligence and connected vehicles, automotive displays are in a phase of rapid development. At the interface between human and vehicle, they will follow the trend towards larger diagonals, higher resolution, more interactivity, multi-screen applications and free-form designs.

Tianma’s large-size, high-resolution LTPS 28.5-inch TED (Touch Embedded Display) display is designed for next-generation human-machine interaction for in-vehicle systems. It expands the normal CID (Center Information Display) with Cluster + CID (Center Information Display) or CID + CDD (Co-Driver Display) as a comprehensive interface between human and vehicle.

28.5” -- curved -- LTPS -- TED (Touch Embedded Display)

Medical diagnostics

With the current trend towards 5G/AIOT, displays serve as an important interface for HMI in smart factory, smart home and smart medical markets.

Tianma has shown a 30.9-inch intelligent diagnostic LCD screen with a resolution of 12 megapixels (4200 x 2800) and a contrast ratio of 2200:1. This display provides “real 10-bit” for high grey scale depth. It makes the image on the screen smoother and more detailed.

It ensures that the highest level of greyscale image can be viewed by the doctor or technician with great detail. In addition, it is also helpful for the necessary process of diagnosing and comparing tissues, including subtle greyscale differences of very small and early focal tissues. Tianma provides high-level display solutions for intelligent medical applications.

30.9" -- 12 Megapixel -- real 10 bits -- wide viewing angle (SFT)

Displays for industrial market

In addition to above new products and technologies, Tianma also showcased many newly introduced P-Series and A-Series display solutions fitting for in- and outdoor applications.

P-series displays are typically mid-/large size displays with a standard specification. A-series displays are often smaller and customized. Both together are dedicated to meet the requirements for more specific markets like factory automation, navigation systems, construction and agriculture machines, white goods, smart home, home healthcare, POS, F-POS, two-wheel vehicles, …

Displays with high brightness for outdoor applications -- P-series