Today in Dusseldorf, Germany, the 1st common distributor meeting of TNE (TIANMA NLT Europe GmbH) was held. The major purpose of the meeting was to align sales strategies for both brands, TIANMA and NLT, within the distribution network. Another large part of the meeting was covering new technologies and detailed roadmaps.

Invited have been more than 20 distributors representing both brands, TIANMA and NLT, as well as top management from Japan and from China. Mr. Ohi, President NLT & Vice President of TIANMA, and Mr Steven Liu, Marketing Director gave an overview about focus markets and product strategies.

New products from TIANMA include many small size displays with SFT technology for wide viewing angle. Also a transflective display (R-EVT) with 3.7 inch and VGA resolution for usage in bright sunlight was announced for Q3/2015. NLT highlighted the expansion of the NLB-series, covering more resolutions and display sizes, including several displays in 7- and 8-inch wide format. The NLB series is best for applications requiring high performance at a very competitive price.

Mr. Shimizu from NLT presented new technologies, e.g. SFT2, combining low power consumption with wide viewing angle as well as high resolution into a new 8 Mpixel / 19.5 inch display. Also new technologies enabling tactile touch have been announced.

The exhibition area showed several new displays, e.g. combining touch functionality with high brightness in 4:3 format and in wide format. Also small SFTs and transflective displays attracted the attention form the visitors.

Mr. Cui Peng, managing director of TNE, was highlighting the strength of TNE, providing excellent support for both brands, the wide product range addressing industrial, medical and automotive market and the high service quality provided by a team of more than 40 people. tianma-europe.com/news/tme-ree-press-release.html


TIANMA NLT Europe GmbH in Düsseldorf is the legal successor of TIANMA Europe GmbH, the sales subsidiary in Europe established in 2004 in Karlsruhe, Germany. It is 100 {4d5cb383d6a84e14da1e3e2dc94c94a8967ddf15367cb6f606ed0843e4e3f5e4} responsible for sales, marketing, quality and support of TIANMA’s and NLT‘s LCDs in Europe. TIANMA NLT Europe provides a wide range of display solutions, including professional LCD TFTs and STN LCDs. Combining world-class technology with TIANMA and NLT’s state-of-the-art facilities, it offers high quality products to it’s customers in multiple markets including automotive, medical and industrial.


TIANMA has over 3 decades of experience in the Flat Panel Display field. Members of the TIANMA group include TIANMA Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (parent company), Shanghai Tianma, Chengdu Tianma, Wuhan Tianma, Xiamen Tianma, Shanghai AVIC and NLT Technologies. These companies harbor our state-of-the-art STN-LCD, TFT-LCD, LTPS TFT-LCD, AMOLED and CF production lines in China and in Japan and offer an exceptionally total display solution. Tianma supports a wide range of applications in automotive, industrial, medical, building automation, white goods, consumer and communication markets. Tianma provides off the shelf solutions as well as customized designs of displays to meet its clients’ needs around the world. It is the leader of small-to-medium size displays in technology, quality, competitive pricing and long-term support.

About NLT Technologies:

NLT Technologies, Ltd. has more than 21 years of experience in the AMLCD business. Previously the Display Operation Unit of NEC Corporation, it became a joint venture between NEC Corporation and Shenzhen AVIC Optoelectronic Co., Ltd in July 2011. The company’s wide product portfolio includes panels and modules that range in size from 5.7 to 21.3-inches and in resolutions from QVGA to QSXGA. The technologies include SFT/IPS, transflective, touch/PCAP, high brightness, 3D and more. The devices meet the requirements for a large field of applications, including industrial control, medical equipment, test and measurement devices, POS, automotive and gaming.