P-series TFT-LCDs

Addressing the professional display market

Tianma, a leading global manufacturer of flat panel displays, announces a new series of TFT-LCD modules (Thin Film Transistor – Liquid Crystal Display). This new P-series (Professional series) is dedicated to support the various requirements needed in the industrial and medical display markets.

Displays from P-series are specifically designed to meet the needs from HMI/FA (Human Machine Interface/Factory Automation) market (long-life LED backlight, LVDS interface, wide temperature range), marine environments (high brightness, sunlight readability), avionics (high resolution, high reliability), train (high brightness, very large temperature range), agriculture/construction (ruggedized), medical diagnostics (high contrast ratio,  very good black level uniformity) and patient monitoring/ultrasound (wide viewing angle, PCAP touch).

Product and service features

The P-series display products will be available with three grades:

♦  Advanced:
    − Excellent picture quality (e.g. high pixel density, ultra-wide viewing angle, high contrast ratio, wide colour gamut,

       excellent black level uniformity, etc.…)

    − Long-life LED backlight

    − High brightness and/or wide temperature range (optional) (e.g. for outdoor applications)

    − Ruggedized (optional) (e.g. specified with high shock and vibration conditions)

♦ Basic:
    − Meeting the standard specification and performance requirements of the market

    − Standard brightness and long-life LED backlight

    − Good performance/cost ratio

♦ Entry:
     − Providing cost effective solutions for the more price sensitive markets

PCAP (Projected CAPacitive) touch:

♦ Tianma designed and manufactured PCAP touch sensors

♦ In-house optical bonding or air gap (frame bonding) integration, wet & glove touch technology for high-end display devices, sensitivity tuning

♦ Standard or customized cover glass (optional)

Common service features for all grades are:

♦ Production availability for a minimum of 5 years, typically 7 years or more

♦ Small MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), typically box level quantity

♦ Dedicated design rules to meet the requirements from professional market

♦ TFT-LCD, PCAP sensor and assembly are all done inhouse

Schedule and roadmap

First samples from the initial P-series product offering are getting available within the coming weeks. These first displays will include wide format 7” WVGA and 10.6” WXGA products, both are high brightness versions. The first products with 4:3 format will all have XGA resolution and high brightness, sizes 8.4”, 10.4” and 12.1”.

In the interim, Tianma’s legacy Professional LCMs (Liquid Crystal Modules) including certain TM-series and all NL-series products will be migrated into the new P-series product offering. All of these products will remain in production and will continue to be fully supported.

Roadmap, showing displays for each of the three product grades.