Shenzhen, China, December 18th, 2015 —Tianma Micro-electronics Co., Ltd. announces an entirely new technology called Transparent Display for industrial User Interface application: 10.4 inch VGA(640×480 pixel) TFT LCD.

10.4 inch transparent display demo

Recently, modern industry has been developed at a very high speed, resulting in a more important role of interaction between human and machine. Actually, better display imaging has already been demanded urgently, for instance, high contrast ratio, wide viewing angle and rich colors. For Tianma 10.4 inch Transparent Display, we are introducing a whole new dimension to the way you experience User Interface displays.

This transparent display allows users not only to see the important information from the LCD screen itself, but also to see the background behind the screen very clearly. It is able to display high contrast ratio (900:1), wide viewing angle form different perspectives (80°/80°/80°/80°), 262,144 colors and fast response (16ms). So that the complex data and professional graph and dynamic information can be easily displayed and clearly seen form the LCD screen.

High transmittance (up to 9.5{4d5cb383d6a84e14da1e3e2dc94c94a8967ddf15367cb6f606ed0843e4e3f5e4}), of course, is the primary feature of this technology, which enables users to glance the context behind the screen when they are using it at the same time. To allow a high level of clarity with this transparent screen, we have designed our 10.4 inch by utilizing clear type surface treatment to both top and bottom polarizers. This is the next generation of Industrial User Interface display technology.

General specification of 10.4 inch Transparent Display